Sunday, 31 July 2011

How To Improve Your Script Sense

Some have common sense, others a great sense, few have a sixth sense, many an undesirable sense. What is your script sense? 

What begun as an idea for a blog post series to offer sensible scriptwriting advice to beginners and intermediate writers didn't quite make the first post. However, it has transformed into something so much better. 

I had previously planned a blog post series entitled Script Sense and had a fair amount planned for it. But something happened the moment before hitting publish on the first post. 

"Why am I not one hundred per cent convinced on this?"

Something was out of balance with what I was trying to attempt. I had good intentions and wanted to help but felt it wasn't quite the right way to go about it. 

Then in a moment of inspiration, a desire to keep Script Sense alive and to still help others: 

Twitter met My Rejected Idea 


This was born: 

If you can't make out the picture. It's the Twitter account for Script Sense which essentially retweets the best sense spoken on screenwriting around the globe. 

With Script Sense all the best advice and sense is brought to your computer/phone screen in an instant, is always there and is a forever expanding resource. 

It also features on the newly created navigation bar on this blog in a reduced and compact form that you can interact with and gain insights without having a Twitter account.

Streamlined Sense

One of the best things about Script Sense on Twitter is that it filters out the general chic-chat, news and other plugs that occur within expert screenwriters' tweets on Twitter. So with Script Sense you just get golden nugget after golden nugget of pure screenwriting advice. An ideal outcome if that's all you are looking for.

I can imagine it working best for those without a Twitter account or someone new to scriptwriting who hasn't found those all important screenwriting Messiahs yet. Although there is always more to learn and I suspect that even experienced scriptwriters will learn a new thing or two.

Spread the Sense

I hope that over time leading screenwriting experts in the field on Twitter unknown to me will follow the account, as a way for their own advice to reach even more people. Major contributors so far that Script Sense follow include TheScriptLab and Xander Bennett

Alternatively, scriptwriting advice and links to great web resources (i.e. blog posts, articles etc) can be tweeted to @ScriptSense. If it's great sense and worthy advice will subsequently be retweeted to followers in due time. 

As Script Sense grows and word spreads more great resources and sense will be found and in turn will be available to everyone. 

Please spread the word, if you will, and enjoy only the best...

Script Sense 

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