Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mentor Needed. Apply Now!

If only it was that easy. 

Almost a year ago (and the rest) I drafted a blog post, which I never published. I do this often. This particular one was entitled "The Mentor and The Apprentice." 

Again this new draft (re-imagining) is an old one but now I feel is important to mention. 

The original post began... 

"Some time ago the new and improved The Scriptwriter's Life diagram went live and it featured a specific point that got my attention. It was something that I hadn't been conscious of until it was spelt out right in front of me. 

So I realise that within my great passion for writing, a small unknown frustration and longing had started to materialise..." 

However, I realised that the then approaching dark cloud wasn't something that I should beat myself up over or view as a weakness in my ambition or resolve. But that it was perfectly natural to feel that way. 

I just had a lacking element in the equation that was my writing life. That lacking element was a mentor: someone to learn from, offer script support and key guidance. 

A Tangent Road 

Through that I identified two core needs that I believe experienced writers and new writers inherently have. That I won't go into but luckily for all they do overlap and are mutually beneficial. 

The old post (and my naivety) went on to talk about an ideal social network for scriptwriters of different experience lacking in this crossover element who are specifically looking for either a mentor or an apprentice. 

However the fantasy tangent ended with the realisation that you can't force these things. You can try and you may be lucky but often great things like that happen at unexpected times. Essentially after a lot of hard work, searching and effort. 

But unless we can learn to get on with ourselves, writing and lot, and work towards meeting our ideal mentor, creative partner or confidante, we won't find it.

Help Yourself

The truth is a mentor would enhance commitment, productivity, learning, knowledge etc. But it's also true that we can learn to do all those things just by ourselves. A little extra effort in any direction and purpose can wield interesting and surprising results. It's just a matter of trying and seeing what we can do once we set our minds to it. Then crucially keep that momentum going forward.

It's about working on ourselves, our writing and going for it - being the best that we can be, do all we can do, then the people and things we desire will gravitate towards us.

Then who knows what will happen...

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

- Soren Kierkegaard

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