Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Beacon of Talent: Industrial Scripts & Talent Connector

Not content with script analysis and feedback services, training courses, ScriptStore, offering lectures and workshops to schools and universities. Industrial Scripts have gone one step further with Talent Connector.

Exclusively for unrepresented scriptwriters and filmmakers who have received an 'Honourable Mention' or above with a script or project on one of their feedback services. The script or project will then be marketed *for free* by Industrial Scripts to a list of industry agents, executives and producers.

For those writers on the road to acquiring professional feedback and/or looking for a new way to break in, now with the added bonus of Talent Connector with Industrial Scripts, it would be in your interests not to overlook them and go elsewhere for feedback.

How So? 

As they only use the best script editors and development people with significant track records, their verdict on a script carries weight within the industry. In addition, due to their combined wealth of experience they have developed an extensive list of industry contacts who will be notified on all scripts or projects that advance through to the Talent Connector programme.

They are sponsored by Paramount Pictures and the Curtis Brown Group.

Talent Championed

Talent Connector is open all year round for submissions and will culminate each December with an Industrial Scripts Gold List. This industry announced list will feature the best ten scripts to pass through the coverage system, and prizes will be awarded.

For further information and credentials, and why you should consider their feedback services visit Industrial Scripts.

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