Sunday, 7 August 2011

My Other Half & New Story Descriptions

Recently dug out of my old uni folder on my laptop and placed on my website to read. My Other Half is a short dark comedy drama script filmed as a major project by a third year BA (Hons) Television Production student in 2009 at Bournemouth University.

New additions to the website also include story descriptions for television dramas In My Footsteps and Angels & Ashes (formerly TV Drama Spec).

For some back story on My Other Half see below or feel free to skip and head over to the script or website for a read of the new additions.


I was approached as a potential scriptwriter for the project after the director was having trouble writing the script for a story concept he had. It sounded interesting and had a lot of potential - naturally I accepted. I had a week to turn the initial story concept into a working and entertaining short script, as well as getting on with my own third year university work. I was pumped up for the challenge and helping him out. Not to mention writing something that would be made quite soon.


The first port of call was the title. The original one didn't work and had to be changed. Finding the right title was a short-lived deep worry turned eureka moment, where story and character met and fed into the title and theme in a way I never expected. It was great and arrived practically a day after the meeting. It had to be clever, hook and work otherwise the script would have failed at the first hurdle.

I remember parts of writing it quite fondly. For instance, often finding myself working in a practically pitch black uni lobby from around 8pm till 3am with the odd pair of footsteps rustling by in the distant shadows. And in an unused tutorial office on the top floor of the Media School, again, at night until the early hours.

That week was a blast writing something so challenging, unique, fun and for actors and a crew to work from and turn into a short film.


I haven't read the script back since that time two and half years ago. I do remember reaching a new benchmark with it at the time and learning a fair bit about scriptwriting. That benchmark has shifted a lot since then but would offer a sample of my writing around that time and hopefully an enjoyable read.


The film is an enjoyable watch and turned out great. Unfortunately, I don't have an online copy to share. Although I have been thinking about getting in touch with Bournemouth University, as they own the rights to the film, about getting a version online to add to my portfolio and for people to experience.

I hope you enjoy the script. If you do, please feel free to comment.

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