Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Raise Money as You Write (Or, If Only Script Reading Services Did Gift Vouchers!)

For those who don't have the money to spare for a professional script reading service. Here's a way to raise the funds for one, which I'm sure for most people would be needed sometime in the near future and not today or tomorrow.

If you put 50p (a dollar or euro, etc.) into a pot for every session you attend on a TV script or screenplay each week or month. By the time you complete a first draft or rewrite or two you should have saved up enough money to pay for a professional script reading service. (To use on a later, more refined and polished draft, of course.)

In that respects, it's not much at all and wouldn't take much effort to raise the desired amount with at least a couple of pounds (dollars or euros, etc.) going in each week. Or it could be a continuous fund added to every time you work on a script and would result in a large amount that could see many scripts receiving the professional treatment when the time is right.

If Only

... professional script reading services had gift vouchers then we wouldn't have to worry about it. They would certainly be on all our Christmas, birthdays and Amazon wishlists!

Happy funding!

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