Friday, 27 January 2012

New Projects, New Horizons: New Groove

The New Year for me has kicked off in style and has been long awaited. As always: it's great to be alive and writing!

The new groove is partly due to reaching challenging genres and approaching the year's worth of projects in a different way. As well as reaching a foreseen change of direction and new level of writing; with growing confidence and a relaxed and focused outlook.

The aim is to write great scripts - that all starts with concept and genre.

...but what happened to the old ones? 

The last two years writing has essentially been spent on writing the same project: not exactly the truth, but most have existed in the contemporary drama arena of varying degrees. It's not ideal material for a body of spec work - but then again, I knew that going into some of them. However, they all have a home and a place in time where they belong, which is a great thing.

As for WWII Drama Screenplay, that's an entirely different matter and is a project that has more than one goal in mind being a versatile and timeless story. But isn't television, which is where my main focus is currently at. However, I look forward to returning to that world someday and taking it to new heights.

Despite completely disobeying the screenwriting rule "Finish What You Start," I felt it was necessary to wipe the writing slate clean this year and start afresh. It's all about going through the motions and figuring things out while continuing to write what interests and challenges us.

The Prelude is Over 

The last two years worth of writing I view as a prelude to actual writing. Mainly going for strong emotional journeys without any overall genre responsibilities. Even while I was writing I understood how it fitted into the grand scheme of things. I'm glad I had the experience as it taught me a lot and I'm confident that I can write that kind of material; being the core component and heart of any screen story and genre orientated script.

But now, I'm writing with a view to realising only the best genre projects from my ideas back catalogue and balancing that with new ones, as well as continuing to learn, develop and try new things as much as I can.

It's all about genre and 'concept.' 

That's why this year has kicked off in style because it's started with a project that previously came into being as a short animation story; planned but unwritten - and today is an exciting children's animated series for television. It's a dream project that I'm glad to finally being able to explore and is equally challenging as it is fun.

Is anybody else starting the New Year with a new and challenging project? Perhaps something alien to your previous writing projects? One about an actual alien? 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Imagination is Key


That was the improvised sound of a new connection forming in the brain. Opening up new possibilities in your writing and the way you view the world. 

All via this lovely and inspiring piece of work. 

Imagination is key. 

Unlock it. 

Live it. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Unlock Your Creative Potential

No purchase necessary, no hidden scam. Just free common sense advice from an expert that isn't myself.

Everyone has different levels of creativity and I assume it's safe to say that at some point in our creative endeavours our conscious mind has gotten the better of us. There are many factors involved that can stifle and cut a creative moment short but just like anything the way to overcome it is by understanding it. In this case, to understand what is going on under the surface and what the act of creativity involves and needs in order to thrive.

I'm not going to go into that myself but as the topic has been covered will direct you to an excellent article on creativity and the various bad habits that people get into that dampen their chances of success.

Take me there now!

As the Doomsday Clock moves 1 minute closer to midnight, by clicking on the link above and reading you've just advanced your Success Clock 1 minute closer to its midnight. That can be increased further depending on how much creative potential you allow yourself to have and total effort put into your endeavours.

Let's hope we all have the chance to reach the success hand of midnight before the Doomsday Clock! Now there's some motivation...

Happy unlocking!

"Every path to success is different."

- Dean Rieck

Friday, 13 January 2012

@ScriptSense 2011 Highlights

Most stories are a combination of 2-3 genres. Amplify the primary genre & put other elements of genre in where they fit. 

 The Script Lab 
"Realistic dialogue only gives a flavor of reality."  

 Robert Thorogood 
Never be cynical - always write with passion and love. 

 Unknown Screenwriter 
The longer the dialogue, the more EMOTION. The shorter the dialogue, the more DRAMA. 

 Will Chandler 
Keep in mind that your Antagonist THINKS he's the Protagonist. 

 The Script Lab 
5 Key Screenwriting Skill Sets  

 Matthew Cooper 
Every script and every scene and every character should have an active question. What is the active question of your script? 

 Xander Bennett 
Screenwriting Tip #748 Think of Act Three as being like a great final boss fight in a video game. Your protagonist needs...  

 Michael Schilf 
“Write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head.” ~ From Finding Forrester 

 Script Quack 
Free movie scripts. Where to find them and how to read them... 

 The Script Lab 
"Involve the audience; make them add it up."  

 Xander Bennett 
Screenwriting Tip #676 - Every physical obstacle should come with an emotional obstacle, too. If a fight,...  

 The Script Lab 
“You’ve only got about 10 pages to accomplish 5 major rules.” 

Get a head start on 2012: 

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Go Forth and Conquer 2012!

Super Writer 
For today is the first day of the rest of your life.

The New Year not only brings a close to the old one but marks significant achievements and turning points along the way.

Essentially we're still the same but hopefully wiser and more committed to the cause. No time to waste then: Let's aim even higher, wider and bolder!

Inevitably the New Year also brings an excuse to talk about oneself regarding resolutions and things learnt, and to indulge a little. Instead I will offer some short words on my trajectory as I find myself thrust from one year into another.

The Year Ahead 

This year I will progress from writing contemporary family drama scripts for television to commercial genre scripts and high concept spec material. This is something I have always been drawn to but after University found myself compelled to write these dramas. I enjoy them and find them challenging but they are only a part of me and not really appealing spec material. But now I know that I need to be moving on to genre pieces and WOW! factor material. So 2012 for me is the year of WOW! or depending on how they turn out, it could be: MEH!

I feel that it's important to keep challenging yourself and step out into new territory; to learn new things, raise the bar and from time to time write things that you wouldn't normally consider. This year's designated projects bar one are all brand new areas for me and different in form, genre, medium and audience. Most certainly all are major challenges and exciting prospects.

I will also vary my routine and change the way I manage projects and approach them. For instance, having a rotating triangle of three different projects for the year with one being interchangeable. As well as spending longer researching, developing and outlining. This inevitably will bring new life and challenges to the way I work.

An absentee of the year and for awhile is entering competitions. I feel it's important to follow your own writing path and develop first. Not rush to write for competitions and be dictated to by them because they're there. They will always be around. It's about the long game and not just hoping you get lucky with one entry.

There are other goals and turning points that I hope to see through, but for now, I think have enough to get on with.

Essentially that's my 2012. How about yours?

All the best for the New Year!

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