Sunday, 8 January 2012

Go Forth and Conquer 2012!

Super Writer 
For today is the first day of the rest of your life.

The New Year not only brings a close to the old one but marks significant achievements and turning points along the way.

Essentially we're still the same but hopefully wiser and more committed to the cause. No time to waste then: Let's aim even higher, wider and bolder!

Inevitably the New Year also brings an excuse to talk about oneself regarding resolutions and things learnt, and to indulge a little. Instead I will offer some short words on my trajectory as I find myself thrust from one year into another.

The Year Ahead 

This year I will progress from writing contemporary family drama scripts for television to commercial genre scripts and high concept spec material. This is something I have always been drawn to but after University found myself compelled to write these dramas. I enjoy them and find them challenging but they are only a part of me and not really appealing spec material. But now I know that I need to be moving on to genre pieces and WOW! factor material. So 2012 for me is the year of WOW! or depending on how they turn out, it could be: MEH!

I feel that it's important to keep challenging yourself and step out into new territory; to learn new things, raise the bar and from time to time write things that you wouldn't normally consider. This year's designated projects bar one are all brand new areas for me and different in form, genre, medium and audience. Most certainly all are major challenges and exciting prospects.

I will also vary my routine and change the way I manage projects and approach them. For instance, having a rotating triangle of three different projects for the year with one being interchangeable. As well as spending longer researching, developing and outlining. This inevitably will bring new life and challenges to the way I work.

An absentee of the year and for awhile is entering competitions. I feel it's important to follow your own writing path and develop first. Not rush to write for competitions and be dictated to by them because they're there. They will always be around. It's about the long game and not just hoping you get lucky with one entry.

There are other goals and turning points that I hope to see through, but for now, I think have enough to get on with.

Essentially that's my 2012. How about yours?

All the best for the New Year!

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