Friday, 27 January 2012

New Projects, New Horizons: New Groove

The New Year for me has kicked off in style and has been long awaited. As always: it's great to be alive and writing!

The new groove is partly due to reaching challenging genres and approaching the year's worth of projects in a different way. As well as reaching a foreseen change of direction and new level of writing; with growing confidence and a relaxed and focused outlook.

The aim is to write great scripts - that all starts with concept and genre.

...but what happened to the old ones? 

The last two years writing has essentially been spent on writing the same project: not exactly the truth, but most have existed in the contemporary drama arena of varying degrees. It's not ideal material for a body of spec work - but then again, I knew that going into some of them. However, they all have a home and a place in time where they belong, which is a great thing.

As for WWII Drama Screenplay, that's an entirely different matter and is a project that has more than one goal in mind being a versatile and timeless story. But isn't television, which is where my main focus is currently at. However, I look forward to returning to that world someday and taking it to new heights.

Despite completely disobeying the screenwriting rule "Finish What You Start," I felt it was necessary to wipe the writing slate clean this year and start afresh. It's all about going through the motions and figuring things out while continuing to write what interests and challenges us.

The Prelude is Over 

The last two years worth of writing I view as a prelude to actual writing. Mainly going for strong emotional journeys without any overall genre responsibilities. Even while I was writing I understood how it fitted into the grand scheme of things. I'm glad I had the experience as it taught me a lot and I'm confident that I can write that kind of material; being the core component and heart of any screen story and genre orientated script.

But now, I'm writing with a view to realising only the best genre projects from my ideas back catalogue and balancing that with new ones, as well as continuing to learn, develop and try new things as much as I can.

It's all about genre and 'concept.' 

That's why this year has kicked off in style because it's started with a project that previously came into being as a short animation story; planned but unwritten - and today is an exciting children's animated series for television. It's a dream project that I'm glad to finally being able to explore and is equally challenging as it is fun.

Is anybody else starting the New Year with a new and challenging project? Perhaps something alien to your previous writing projects? One about an actual alien? 


  1. I suppose you could say that I doing all three. Being a neophyte at this I have only written one partial script (53 pages, wretched), one full script (120 pages, slightly less than wretched), and one full script that I feel has potential. So, for the new year, I plan to take the third script and pursue it fully. Starting tomorrow (provided my PC hardware arrives) I will begin my first true 2nd draft, which is a wee bit alien. And since the script is a family-friendly Sci-fi genre, it does have aliens. :)

    The idea of re-typing the entire script is daunting and very unfamiliar, but also exciting.

    Good luck on your new project. :)

  2. Hi Blurry,

    Thanks for your comment. Great name by the way!

    That's great you have written that much. Your family-friendly sci-fi story w/ aliens sounds cool. Good fun.

    I tend to re-write within the file (saving as draft2), not type it out from scratch. I'm sure both ways have their pros and cons. Unless you wrote the first draft on paper that is. :)

    At least that way your words are being given thorough consideration as you re-type them. Only a good thing.

    If there is anything I can help you with feel free to get in touch.

    Good luck with it!


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