Friday, 13 January 2012

@ScriptSense 2011 Highlights

Most stories are a combination of 2-3 genres. Amplify the primary genre & put other elements of genre in where they fit. 

 The Script Lab 
"Realistic dialogue only gives a flavor of reality."  

 Robert Thorogood 
Never be cynical - always write with passion and love. 

 Unknown Screenwriter 
The longer the dialogue, the more EMOTION. The shorter the dialogue, the more DRAMA. 

 Will Chandler 
Keep in mind that your Antagonist THINKS he's the Protagonist. 

 The Script Lab 
5 Key Screenwriting Skill Sets  

 Matthew Cooper 
Every script and every scene and every character should have an active question. What is the active question of your script? 

 Xander Bennett 
Screenwriting Tip #748 Think of Act Three as being like a great final boss fight in a video game. Your protagonist needs...  

 Michael Schilf 
“Write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head.” ~ From Finding Forrester 

 Script Quack 
Free movie scripts. Where to find them and how to read them... 

 The Script Lab 
"Involve the audience; make them add it up."  

 Xander Bennett 
Screenwriting Tip #676 - Every physical obstacle should come with an emotional obstacle, too. If a fight,...  

 The Script Lab 
“You’ve only got about 10 pages to accomplish 5 major rules.” 

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