Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Script Project Management: Stack Not Rotate

I read this morning on my beloved iPhone, an excellent piece of project management advice from Go Into The Story that will change my writing life forever.

This promptly made its way to ScriptSense.

It arrived in the last minute of the eleventh hour to prevent me going any further with my proposed Rotating Triangle Approach to Screenwriting and Project Management.

After four weeks on the preliminary work on the Primary Project (Codename: Spacebound). I was set to rotate and start the prelim-work on Secondary Project today. As well as share the initial idea on the approach.

If you wish, you can read the unpublished post on the abandoned approach here.

What it shows is that I was on the right lines searching for a solution to managing and progressing with three projects at once. Although, last night did spot weaknesses in the approach which were going to led to modifications and to include the overlapping of projects. But I needn't do any more on it now.

The First Hour 

I have no doubt that project stacking as outlined by Scott Myers (K9, Trojan War) from Go Into The Story is the way to go. As mentioned, it may not work for everyone, as we are all wired differently. But I am excited to have a solution to get on with and a roadmap to managing and progressing with my three projects for the year.

I know there may come a time when I'll prefer to focus on one project, for instance, when rewriting WWII Drama Screenplay and/or Angels & Ashes. But for now, while I have three exciting story concepts to be written and others waiting, it makes sense to find the most efficient way to work.

As I've mentioned before, it's all about going through the motions and figuring out things for ourselves. Even if it means going down the wrong path and making a mistake or two. Mistakes are there to redirect us.

However, along the way there is a wealth of advice: some of it to ignore, as it may not apply yet, but other advice that may be just right for you at your stage of development. It's these gems at unexpected times to pay attention to because they send up a beacon and help light the way.

As of today, Project A aka Codename: Spacebound is still in prep mode.

How do you approach your own script projects? Are you working at your best on one project at a time? Do you stack projects? Maybe thinking of trying it? 

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