Monday, 19 March 2012

What Do You Do Less: Read, Write or Watch?

I look at my read/write/watch routine on a weekly basis and often identify a common thread:

I write more than I watch and watch more than I read. 

Writing overshadows them both by some way which I think it should. But have felt that reading less than watching could be a weakness and imbalance in my routine.

Should we be reading more than we watch? 

Balanced Reading 

I often read a script on my day off which is two days a week, but note, I do say 'often' because other things can get in the way and sometimes I miss the chance to get one script in a week.

My desk and writing environment with two whiteboards chock-full with notes screams "Writing! Writing! Writing!" whenever I am there or nearby.

But not so much "Reading! Reading! Reading!"

Of course, if we are to write well - we must read.

However, not to the extent that if you wanted to impress a producer - instead of doing so with your excellent script you reveal that you've read 250 screenplays this year.

The Art of Consistency 

I have come to the conclusion that reading the least out of writing and watching isn't a weakness or imbalance -

If it's consistent reading over time and has its own designated slot.

This comes from Danny Stack's advice that two scripts a week is an ideal standard regarding script writing for television; and Scott Myers, one script read a week for feature screenplay writing.

As a result, I now have a designated script reading slot whereas before I would often read a script on my day off from writing and with no fixed time or session.

Only forwards. 

How is your routine? What do you do less? Is there an element you value or neglect the most? 

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