Saturday, 17 March 2012

Writing Update - 17/03/12

Two and a half months in and things are progressing nicely. Project Spacebound has a first draft and soon-to-be-announced Project Nightingale has an outline for its pilot episode.

I found myself working on the first draft of Project Spacebound for three days during the week. Then at weekends developing and doing the prep work for Project Nightingale.

I prefer prep work at the weekends because it's more relaxed and there's more time to give. Plus the prep work should be developing quicker than the script draft. So it worked out nicely.

Adapting to Change 

As previously mentioned, I have three projects set aside for the year and two of those have already begun. But I've decided not to bring the third one into the mix just yet. Again, like discovering the stacking projects method at the last moment, this decision was much the same.

I'm comfortable with two projects going at once and really enjoy it. But feel I need to gain experience with two projects and seeing how that goes first. Naturally, I need time to break in to this way of working and then can adapt to working with three projects later.


What I have found with working on more than one project at a time is that there is now double the abundance of ideas, notes and thoughts when I am away from the keyboard.

It has been a challenge and rush on days to note everything down, collate it and then give it the time it needs before writing commences and/or during. Sometimes I was certain I would forget stuff, as it's difficult stopping in the middle of your paid job to go write some stuff up - unless you can find a blind spot to hide in!

As for the actual writing and developing of two projects at once: I love it. There's nothing so satisfying and challenging than moving two projects forward each week and not just by a little bit but by substantial development and five-a-day script pages.

It's brilliant!

Rolling In The Deep 

Even whilst holding down a full time job it's still possible to develop and write a first draft of at least one project relatively quickly. If you plan, and your focus is strong, then you can breeze through.

Without focus, time management, understanding your own writing beats and the process - it will always be a struggle.

Getting to the first draft(s) is the important part.

I'm halfway there!

How are your projects going? Have any bragging rights with a recent completed draft? Almost there?

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