Monday, 7 May 2012

Lad's back, Arthur, Pink & Green too

Saturday May 5th saw my story contribution to 3 Hundred and 65.

Some people may compose and send their story tweet from work, while juggling the kids, or put a few casual hours in beforehand.

Or like me - the days leading up to it are ripe with inspiration, creativity and practice tweets - some major indulgence.

Although, the final story tweet and overall story development almost went a different way. As I thought about bringing in a new storyline at the time and ambitiously, to push for a multi-narrative story.

In fact, it almost went all wrong, and was heading for this:

Hunched over, his fingers clasped to a jar: frozen tears imprisoned by glass. The Orphan glared at the Stranger by the mast. 

Thankfully, I voiced my intentions on the 3 Hundred and 65 Widows unofficial Facebook fan page, and soon realised new characters and narratives wasn't what the story needed. Therefore, my Orphan character, Stranger by the mast, and the frozen tears imprisoned by glass - bit the dust.

The Countdown 

The days leading up to the due date were nerve-racking to say the least. I knew I wanted to help bring Lad's gang back - specifically Lad and Arthur - as they were the first characters I saw upon discovering the 3 Hundred and 65 project and became fond of.

At the time, there were four or five other story tweets to go before mine. The concern was that someone would step on my toes or write a blinding story tweet for Cope that would demand a follow up. (In fact, that did happen, on the Thursday, but a scene and narrative change on the Friday proved a nice cliff-hanger/resolution for Cope's current story.)

By Thursday evening there was one story tweet standing between me and my ideal goal of bringing Lad and Arthur back. I then decided to contact Friday's story contributor, to see if he shared the same interests and to share a proposed Saturday story tweet with him.

Fortunately - he wanted Lad and his gang back too.

The sending of the final story tweet was surreal. All that excitement, the challenge, and creative buzz - then poof! 


What now? 

Get on with things and hope that people like it.

The Tweet Itself 

The thinking behind what became the final story tweet was to show a human side to Lad and Arthur, and a glimpse into their relationship. Ultimately, wanting to move their story forward and give them a firm way back in. But one that was visually appealing and had an awe to it.

The return of the shadows Pink & Green was inspired by a comment made on the 3 Hundred and 65 blog by Michelle Hodgson, which in one interpretation, saw them as guardians and/or persons who recorded and documented events.

It felt natural to include them in the story tweet and bring another previously forgotten element back into the storyline.

In Hindsight 

Part of me wished I had booked a story tweet much later in the year. With the characters, narratives, story world and genre firmly set up and played out somewhat. Where the stakes are much higher, and more exciting; any additional story tweet would potentially be monumental.

Although, this current section of the story is just as important as any other. What happens now is crucial to how the future will play out. It's nice to say that I played a part in that. I'm proud to have been part of the project.

I'm thrilled that Lad is back, and that the story has a nice balance returning to it now, and a multi-narrative is forming.

We all have our parts to play in the 3 Hundred and 65 saga, and mine, I discovered, was to get Lad back into the story, and with Arthur. I even managed to get Pink & Green in there too!

Overall, I'm glad I did my story tweet when I did, and how I did. It was a fantastic experience!

*Thanks @Artminx for the read/support*

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