Sunday, 27 May 2012

Let Me Be Misunderstood

So you choose to stay in for the weekend instead of being social. Those who go out or invite you out don't understand why you chose to stay in, or when you do venture out, may avoid alcohol.

It's difficult for some non-writers to understand (and respect) what goes into living a creative life and ambition. They think taking a random day or weekend off is no big deal, drinking a beer or two; doing this or that. But if we're serious about writing and our commitment - and enjoy it - then these are big deals to us.

The Long Road 

A writing ambition is a long road and requires a daily effort. There are times to relax and have fun, but productivity and momentum are the main stay. If the wrong fuel is going into the train then it's not going to work properly, or at all. Things must always be moving. If they're not - then we fall behind.

To achieve that ideal, sacrifices have to be made.

We can try to explain and help others to understand our actions and passion for writing, but there's no guarantee they'll understand or even respect it. The sooner we accept this the quicker we can get past the frustration and find ways to power through.

If someone doesn't/can't respect our passion and commitment to writing:

The fault doesn't lie with ourselves - nor should the worry. 

We must press on.

Burning Passion 

Not everyone has a burning passion, desire and ambition for creative work that they want to engage with and work towards on a daily basis. Such work that make people feel alive, content and challenged to no end.

We must embrace this burning passion no matter how alone, frustrated and misunderstood we may feel in our creative efforts. Nothing should be able to stop us from doing what we love and putting fingers to keys - regularly.

However, it's important to seek out like minded individuals and other writers to gain some understanding and support (and vice versa), because chances are we may not find it from immediate friends and family. They may think they understand, and of course, think it's easy, but we know the reality because we live it.

Naturally, it will be an ongoing occurrence within our creative lives and the various people we meet. But is a challenge and opportunity to greet with open arms. Once we learn how to deal with it, it will cease to become a problem.

"Problems call forth our courage and our wisdom; indeed, they create our courage and wisdom."

- M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled 

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