Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Online Writer vs. Offline Writer

What is the best way forward for a new writer, aspiring or otherwise:

Go online? Stay offline? Do both?

This is something that has interested me for quite some time and has seen my allegiance wander back and forth.

Let's start by defining new writer : as someone with none to a few years experience writing.

Is it ever too early for a new writer to go online? Should they make the rush and reap the benefits of networking and sharing their early work, passion and opinions a.s.a.p.?


Is it ever too late to go online as a new writer? Should they stay offline and focus on writing for enjoyment, to find their voice and develop writing skill and a portfolio first?

While the Internet has benefits and opportunities for new writers, I feel it makes sense to take time to hone your craft and writing skill before developing into a online presence as a writer.

The Internet can be a tough place for new writers as they are bombarded with a mass of information, some contradictory; heavy competition; and essentially lose confidence before gaining it.

Is the Internet the best place for new writers to develop?

What are your thoughts?

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