Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Bigger Picture

Naturally, I went into horror feature Project Nightingale with high hopes. Even though it didn't work out to how I had initially wanted, I was enlightened by what I found.

Going in I knew that this project would be the last one I would develop in my usual way, as a new standard had been calling in the way I deal with projects.

Justice in the story concept was all I was looking for. However, the more I developed things the more ways I could see this going, and the original idea looked less sweet. So I had to reinvent what I had invented. But the thing did improve and I could feel that I was getting closer.

It was maturing and had come a long way but something was fundamentally wrong. I kicked its behind and wouldn't let up until I could identify what was bothering me about it. Then one day, it all became clear.

I believe I have now found the story experience, what the project is, and how it fits into the marketplace. It could be made by a small crew and marketed online on a micro-budget. I do love what it can become and the potential it has, although sadly I'm not writing it.

This is due to two factors: concept and timing.

  • It's a unique genre blend and exciting story experience but not so unique that its concept is generally safe from being discovered and made by others. 
  • It's a project suited for down the line after further experience writing and making contacts; and ideally, for a specialist independent producer. 

Basically, I couldn't justify spending a year or so (re)writing it when my efforts could be reduced to mush at any time. Alternatively, it's not something I would want to pursue as a independent feature yet, as I have other writing avenues and genres I want to explore first.

"It's all about the bigger picture."

Something I am conscious to avoid with writing is to get ahead of myself and lose sight of the bigger picture. If a project doesn't work towards the next step in that or is a few steps ahead I feel it isn't worth putting the time and effort in to writing it now. I'm pro planning ahead but also like to be efficient with what I choose to spend my time on to aid where I am now.

At some point, I will write a short script set in the world of the story to display its potential, and ideally, for the short film to be made and used to sell the concept for a feature.

In the meantime, it's back to an old flame.


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