Sunday, 13 January 2013

The Call To Adventure

It's all well and good when you discover a passion for storytelling but at some point you have to face up to the reality of your ambition.

Time isn't infinite and no one is going to do the work for you.

You must get real and put the time in.

What this means is that I'm unable to commit to the upkeep of the blog and make it as resourceful and interesting as I would like. I've reached the stage where I just want to focus on writing and learning offline. The culture of writing something and reporting back is a bit of an old hat and counter productive.

I find myself heading into a new direction of writing, research and learning this year. That demands more time and focus. It's the stories themselves leading the way. However, I'm glad to be trying new things and exploring what I thought I would be doing much later on in life.

I have some unpublished blog posts and aim to see those through for this year. It has been an enjoyable learning curve, although, I never quite found the time to say all that I wanted and share what I had learnt. Hopefully I have inspired or helped you in some way and that your visits have been worthwhile.

Thanks for reading. Stay productive!

How will you accept the call? 

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