Saturday, 25 June 2011

Watch the Complete Liquid Lunch Web Series & More!

Screen grab courtesy of Danny Stack.

Liquid Lunch came to life after a bet Danny Stack and a few friends agreed to at the London Screenwriters' Festival in Oct 2010. The bet was to make a short film to a specific criteria and to a deadline. However, Danny lost the bet - but won with Liquid Lunch instead!

For those who are strangers to the term Liquid Lunch (i.e. Teetotallers, under the age of eighteen, etc.) here is a little education.

If you haven't heard of the six-part comedy web series (webcom to the savvy) or can't remember how the story goes, which is unlikely, here is a reminder:

Ollie and Alex regularly meet in the pub to break up the monotony of their working day. But when they realise life is passing them by, they decide to do something about it...

Three Ways to Watch

You can watch the complete web series at the Main Website, on the Facebook page, or over at the YouTube channel. *Warning, the youtube channel automatically plays the most recent episode (Ep6).*

But that's not all.

Yes, thanks to Danny (and the Internet), there is more and the kind of stuff that we usually wouldn't be privy to.

How He Made a Web Series

Danny Stack has kindly covered the entire Liquid Lunch web series making of process on his blog Scriptwriting in the UK, as well as allowing us to read script drafts and compare them to the finished episodes. You can find all that here!

For a more interactive and dynamic experience with his blog in Blogger's dynamic view - visit here - (It will take a few moments to load - due to all that great content!)


For die hard fans and those interested, here is further insight into Liquid Lunch and some coverage on its press movement beyond Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Bournemouth Echo

Urban Theory Films

For an interview Danny Stack had recently with MZPtv, where he talks about his craft and writing process, favourite films and writing genre, and much more, head over to the article after reading this.

Liquid Lunch

But lastly, and most importantly, is it any good?

Well, I'll let you be the judge of that  - hop over to one of the three platforms now to view it:

"Don’t talk about what you’re going to do, get out and do it.

- Danny Stack

PS: Yes, it is good!!

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